• Catering Overview •

Thank you for contacting us to cater your event. Here is some basic information regarding our catering options.

How We Do It
For catered events, where guests eat at the same time, we do not allow substitutions or custom orders outside of the pre-arranged menu. Guests will receive complete burgers with all condiments included. The burgers and fries or chips are placed on a table in front of our truck window and guests come up and select the burger that they want, grab their fries or chips and a drink.

If you prefer, condiments and veggies can be left out of the burgers and a condiment/topping station will be set up for guests to dress their burgers how the would like.

Why We Do It This Way
Our small truck kitchen is capable of providing large quantities of food, in a short period of time. However, individual burger customizations slow down the process tremendously! In order to expedite food service and to allow your guests to fully enjoy your event, we serve large groups a little differently than we serve at street side locations.

Trust Us, It Works Great!
We’ve done our homework on this and guests are much happier when they can get their food quickly. They still get to walk up to the truck and watch how it works, but they are not standing in a long line while others are sitting and eating. They get to enjoy their meal in the company of friends and other guests.

Don’t worry, we ensure that all food is prepared just before service time and that the products are continuously stocked and rotated so each guest gets the freshest burger possible.

We want your event to go off without a hitch and for your guests to be able to focus on one another and the event itself, not waiting for their name to be called to get their food.

Catering Packages: (Serves 75 Guests)

1. Option A
$1,500.00 + $15.00 for each additional guest over 75
Includes: Variety of 4 Stacks burgers, with a beef, chicken and veggie option, served with chips and drinks.

2. Option B (Most Popular)
$2,000 + $20.00 for each additional guest over 75
Includes: Variety of 4 Stacks burgers, with a beef, chicken and veggie option, as well as one additional specialty burger, served with fries and drinks.

3. Option C
$2,500.00 + $25.00 for each additional guest over 75
A custom lineup of 4 specialty burgers, fries and drinks. A one of a kind experience.

Catering Event Application:
To coordinate an event, please email the information below to Donna@lcmre.com or call 253-627-8900 for additional details.

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